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Chromotherapy in relation to the Chakra Systems

Chromotherapy is known as coloured light to heal physical, mental and spiritual imbalances, that if left unattended could possibly lead to disease.

  • This is a holistic approach to healing
  • Colours hold a particular vibration, its own wavelength and frequency
  • The body recognises these waveforms and responds to them
  • Each colours vibration can charge our cells
  • These colours hold its own amount of energy manifesting as either creativity, motivation, happiness, and relaxation

Ancient teaching that originated in India discuss the Chakra systems.
Chakras are areas of highly concentrated energy connected to various locations, mainly along the spinal cord. These energy fields are related to the major organs in the body.

Chromotherapy and Chakras go hand in hand, as each chakra governs a certain colour. Each colour of the Chakra system cleanses and balances the Chakras.

Our Services with the benefits of Chromotherapy

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