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Red Light Therapy Skin

Beauty Angel Combines Beauty and Fitness

Beauty Angel Combines Beauty and Fitness

The Beauty Angel® features a non-invasive method of turning back the hands of time. The Beauty Angel utilizes 30 full-body red light lamps (non-UV) together with platform-based vibration exercise technology to stimulate the body and create the ultimate rejuvenation and muscle toning environment.

The special light penetrates deep into the skin and increases the body’s own production of collagen. Fine lines are reduced and the skin becomes visibly tauter and smoother. Instead of covering up the visible symptoms, the causes of visible skin aging are naturally reduced.

Non UV Suitable for any Skin Type

The Beauty Angel experience begins with total body exposure to red light energy with output at the desired wavelengths of 600-700 nanometers. The special light spectrums of the Beauty Angel penetrate deep into the skin and activate the cells that are responsible for the body’s own production of collagen. The skin’s metabolism is also stimulated, allowing cosmetic products to work particularly effectively.

Combine Beauty & Fitness

The optional Vibra Shape feature provides training that is easy on the joints. The patented see-sawing function simulates normal walking, which means the side-alternating vibration plate is a 100% physiological training method. It trains all of the muscles from the legs up into the abdomen and back. The four individual Vibra Shape programs will help you to achieve your goal quickly in the total privacy of an enclosed booth.


Your First Appointment

Please come 15 mins prior to your appointment. We have a relaxing lounge area with tea to help unwind before and after your session. The team will discuss your session and any questions that you may have.

We recommend loose, comfortable clothing to wear after all your treatment sessions.

Red Light

The Beauty Angel experience begins with total body exposure to red light energy with output at the desired wavelengths of 600-700 nanometers.

You can redlight in your swimwear, however, it is best done nude to provide the most exposure to the red light the machine produces. You are in your own private room.

Goggles to protect your eyes are provided.

For the most benefits please AVOID the following prior to your float therapy:

  • Alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants for a few hours prior to your float
  • If injured or gone through an operation recently, do not use vibre floor

The following will prevent you from using Red Light Full Body:

  • No makeup, cosmetics and moisturizer before exposure to redlight. They may contain ingredients which could trigger light sensitive reactions
  • Communicable, infectious or skin condition, disorder, or disease
  • Open wounds, new or inflamed tattoos, piercings etc.
  • Pregnant
  • Claustrophobia
  • Epileptic


Most users report a relaxing effect and a fresher, softer skin even after just the first few treatments. For the best results it should be used regularly over a longer time period.

Results will not be achieved in just a few sessions or through occasional use. 2-4 sessions per week for the first 12 weeks is recommended, 1-2 sessions per week thereafter. Continuous use accelerates cellular activity and fuels the collegen and elastin process.

*Recommended treatment plans may vary in individual cases. Results are always improved by the additional use of skincare products and a health lifestyle.

Red Light Therapy Skin


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