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Automated Sunless Tanning

Automated Sunless Tanning

Our Versa Pro Tanning Machine is known for a unique heated application that promises a spa-like experience. This is the ultimate in customisation and offers four distinct levels of colour and height sensor technology.

You can never go wrong thanks to the step-by-step fully-automated audio guidance and instructions.


Automated Sunless Tanning


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Your First Appointment

Please come 15 mins prior to your appointment. We have a relaxing lounge area with tea to help unwind before and after your session. The team will discuss your session and any questions that you may have.

We recommend loose, comfortable clothing to wear after all your treatment sessions.

Automated Spray Tan

The Automated Spray Tan is in your own private room. If required, disposable pants and nose plugs are provided.

The versapro has a unique dryer so you can put your clothes straight away. Please ensure you bring loose, comfortable clothing. Development time is 4-8 hours.